1995 - 2000
With the production gap we saw in the sector, we stepped into the sector with the production of sports steering wheels. In a short time, we increased the number of our models to forty and became a sought-after brand in the industry. As a result of these productions, the foundations of our entry into the machinery sector were laid.
2000 2005
Our production, which started with the production of sports steering wheels, began to diversify in line with the demands for polyurethane products in different sectors. We started producing automobile front protection bars, roof bars and headrests.
2005 - 2010
Seeing our country's foreign dependency in the medical sector, we started to conduct research on this subject. We found that most of the products used were of foreign origin. This situation opened our way to production in the medical sector and we started to produce in the health sector.
2010 - 2020
By supporting our knowledge and experience in the sector with our machine production, we started to work on polyurethane raw materials used in the furniture industry. In this way, we aimed to accelerate furniture production. Later, we determined that this sector also has very positive effects on the silicone and raw material sales sides. In these years, we started to produce polyurethane products for the amusement park and defense industry. At the same time, in line with the experiences we have gained, we share our experiences by providing all the support we can to students from relevant departments of universities in order to demonstrate and disseminate the usage areas of polyurethane raw materials.